In the summer of 1958, Eddie Cochran’s Summertime Blues and Huelyn Duvall’s recording of Little Boy Blue were getting a lot of airplay in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area.

It was during this summer that Eddie came to Fort Worth to do a show at the Will Rogers Coliseum.  Coincidentally, Huelyn would be performing there too!

Huelyn and Eddie met for the first time at the Will Rogers Coliseum.  As they shook hands, Eddie said to Huelyn: “Hey, Little Boy Blue!”  Eddie said he liked the record and that it was big “back home in California”.


They hung out and had a meal together before the show and talked about what young guys talk about!  Huelyn mentioned that he wasn’t doing a lot of shows at the time and Eddie gave him a piece of advice: “Man you ought to get off your rear end and get on the road!”

Several thousand people attended the show that summer evening.  Eddie really bought the house down!  “I had a good show, but my memories are more of Eddie than myself” Huelyn said.  “He was so smooth with everything he did – very sure of himself and one heck of a guitar picker as well as one of my favorite singers. He reminded me of Elvis with his unique sound and appearance”.

Huelyn only saw Eddie one other time at a show in California.  “I will never forget the Fort Worth Show and this great performer”. Huelyn said.



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